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We use only the finest all-natural ingredients in our feta cheese spreads. From delicious sandwich and hamburger toppers to healthy cheese recipes, you’re gonna love the flavor. Try us ... we'll be a hit at your next party!

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Fire Roasted Red Pepper

Make This:

We start with only the finest red peppers, fire roast to perfection, then infuse with domestic feta, garlic and cream cheese to give an extra kick to any recipe. Tip: substitute our Fire Roasted Red Pepper Spread in any recipe that calls for low fat mayo or cream cheese to add a little zing!

Simply Spinach

Try This:

Is it the fresh spinach? Or could it be the feta and garlic? Maybe it's the perfect blend of each ingredient with cream cheese? We won’t spill our secret, but we will tell you that it's decadently delicious. Eating our Simply Spinach Spread will make Popeye proud.

Spicy Buffalo

Love This:

This isn't your run-of-the-mill buffalo flavor you find at the local BBQ joint. We take the perfect amount of spices, add our signature feta cheese, blend together with only the finest cream cheese to make a spicy, yet flavorful spread. Keep enough Spicy Buffalo Spread on hand for your next get-together so you won't have to - dare we say - wing it.

Imported Kalamata Olive

Enjoy This:

Why import Kalamata olives from Greece? Because if we didn't, our Kalamata Olive Spread wouldn't have that authentic Greek flavor that everyone loves ... and quite frankly, it just wouldn’t taste so darn good either! Kalamata olives infused with feta cheese, garlic and cream cheese ... some say it has a miraculous combination of flavors, we say it would be a sin not to try it.

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